Thursday, January 7, 2010


This blog was started for my sister to help prepare her for her Advanced Placement Art Class in high school. Once she started that class, or rather became to involved with her assignments there, I stopped doing posts and assignments here.

I suppose if there is enough interest in keeping it going we can do so. :)

For now, I'll just be posting on my book arts blog and perhaps we'll get this one rolling again in the future :)

~Karleigh Jae

Monday, September 22, 2008

Results for Assignment 13: Depth

Artist: Sandra Faye, Utah
Title: Glenwood Study
Size: 10 x 14
Medium: Watercolor

Artist: Rett Ashby, Provo, Utah
Title: Midway House
Size: 10 x 16
Medium: Oil

Artist: Haleigh Ashby, Provo, Utah
Title: Search for a Reason
Size: 5 x 7
Medium: pen and crayon

Assignment 14: Artist and technique research

If you haven't noticed...this post was not on time as it was due this morning. However, I have been trying to decide what to do this next week and nothing seemed to feel just right so it's taken me all day to decide on this next week's assignment.

I've heard many artist's (including my dad) say that when creating a style or trying to do anything in art, I should take a look at other artists that I like. This next week's assignment is to find your 5 favorite artists. When looking at their artwork, list the things you most like about their style. Write the list down!! Try and find at least 3 things you like about each of the artists.

For example: One of my favorite artists is Marc Chagall. The three things I most like about his artwork are

#1: The bright bold colors he uses. He was not afraid of using color.
#2: The purpose of his artwork. All his artwork had a meaning or some type of symbolism in it. I love symbolism and this is one of the things I most like about his artwork.
#3: It's not all perfectly realistic. People have weird colored skin and arms longer then they should. Two left feet or houses that are drawn in complete misproportion. He's able to do this though because of consistency. All the houses are drawn in the same proportions even if they are all oddly shaped and have incorrect perspective. The consistency makes this work.

By next Monday, Sept 29th please turn in your list of 15 favorite things from your 5 favorite artists. No need to email it to me, please just leave it in the comments section here when you have your completed list. No artwork will be due until the beginning of October but we will use this list next week as we do our artwork so, if you'd like to get started, pick 3 out of the list to incorporate in your artwork and each must be from a different artist. Please spend some time on your list as I think it would invaluable to your artwork in the future.

I'm hoping that this list will help us share a little of our knowledge about artists and technique as well as help us understand our own approach to our artwork a little better.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Results of Assigment 12 Part 2

Artist: Rett Ashby, Provo, UT
Title: Flower(2)
Medium and Size: Oil/Mixed media 12" x 12"

Artist: Haleigh Ashby, Provo, UT
Title: Temptation
Medium and Size:9" x 12"- mixed media

Assignment 13: Depth

This week we'll be working on depth in our artwork. I've given two examples of using depth below. If you can suggest other ways in which to show depth please leave a comment for us.
The photograph below was taken by Clay Schnurr. In this photograph you get a feel of distance. This is because of the use of perspective. The large train on the left getting smaller as it goes into the distance as well as the tracks that get closer together as they go into the middle of the photograph.

The painting below was done by Adam Pynacker. Notice how the values change throughout the painting. The darker areas are closest and the ligher areas are far away. Also notice how detailed things are the closer they are to the veiwer. The mountains in the back are almost blury and have little to no detail. Look at the branch in front and see how much detail it has in comparison to other things in the painting. Using values and detailing can also help to show depth.

This week we'll create an art piece that has depth in it. You can choose the way you would like to portray the depth whether it be like the perspective in the first example or value and detail like in the second.

All assignments should be turned into by next Monday Sept 22nd by 9pm.

If you would like a little help on subject and medium choose a street in your neighborhood or town to do and try to show depth using the three ways suggested above (perspective, value and detail.) Try a large format this time with a minimum of 11" x 14"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Assignment 12 Part 2: Texture

I was going to move on to another topic (depth for those who wanted to know.) But I found that I didn't stretch myself as much as I could have this week and I'm wondering how many other people did that too. I found that my strength in using texture is using physical texture with building up paints and other material to create the texture. My weakness is using texture by drawing or painting it in and not building it up. So, for those of you who may have stretched yourselves and chose to do the assignment as you haven't before...good for you. For those of you who didn't (like myself) we will have a chance this week to make up for it.

The assignment is to do another textured painting but do one opposite of the one you did last week. If you piled on the paint to allow that to make the texture then try doing a drawing or painting in which actual physical texture is limited. And vice versa.

Here is a link to a few watercolor techniques that have been done by Ellen Fountain.

Please remember to critique this past week's assignment when they are posted.

Assignment 12 part 1 Results will be posted tonight!

Artist: Sandra Faye Roy, Utah
Title: Study of Tomatoes on Burlap
Medium: Watercolor
Size: 9" x 11 1/2"

Artist(s): Karleigh Heywood and Jadon L. Heywood - Rexburg, ID
Title: Silly
Medium and Size: acrylics on canvas, 12" x 24"

Artist: Rett Ashby, Provo, UT
Title: Flower
Medium and Size: Oil, 10" x 10"

Artist: Haleigh Ashby, Provo, UT
Title: Read
Medium and Size:14" x 10"- mixed media